Wireless Solutions Provider in Libya

1With an incredible increase in the network traffic and the need for systematic management of network connections, enterprises shifted to Wireless LAN Solutions in the LIBYA. Yamamah offers secured access to network resources and applications to help organizations increase productivity and responsiveness. Convenience, Mobility, High Productivity, Expandability, Reduced Cost and Easy Deployment are the major factors that give wireless solutions a competitive advantage over wired connectivity. We make sure that all our clients stay connected with their businesses – Anytime and Anywhere.


Our expert team of engineers can customize the solutions as per your specific requirements regardless of your organizations size. We set the highest standards of security which ensures that only authorized personnel can access the systems in the network. We add profitability and efficient to your daily operations and make your space a better place to work  at our proposed solution


Benefits of Wireless LAN Solutions

Convenience : Users can access network from any location with existing networking environment.

Productivity : A high level productivity can be achieved if users can accomplish their tasks from any given location.

Mobility : Connect users to the Internet even outside the network.

Deployment : Wireless Networks doesn’t involve additional costs and complexity

Cost : Life-cycle expenses and overall costs will be lower than wired LAN hardware.

Expandability : Configuration and range in Wireless Networks can be conveniently changed for limited number of users to full infrastructure network with thousands of users.

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Broadband Wireless Access Solution



Within any given metropolitan, suburban or rural area, broadband wireless access is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement your high performance network. Whether you’re creating a network from scratch, or need to augment or replace your existing wire line links, broadband wireless access is the most reliable and cost-effective, high-speed data networking alternative you should know more about.

There is an obvious and increasing need for bandwidth. Multimedia content, such as Video, Music, Clips or Movies have been feeding this intrinsic infatuation for more capacity. This phenomenon has not only materialized in the U.S.A., but everywhere around the globe.



  • Better Than Wired Networks.
  • Simplicity and Flexibility.
  • Speed and Reach.
  • Reliability and Security.
  • Economy and Pricing.

Digital City and Electronic Government Solution



A Digital City solution refers to a connected community that combines broadband communications infrastructure; flexible, service-oriented computing infrastructure based on open industry standards; and innovative services to meet the needs of governments and their employees, citizens and businesses.


  • Less corruption.
  • Increased transparency.
  • Greater convenience.
  • Revenue growth.
  • Cost reductions.

Wireless Networks for Business Solution



Wireless Enterprise Inter building Connectivity are ideal for any modern enterprise with business needs to share; files, video, databases and e-mail across two or more remote locations with minimal effort and cost. This solution has gained popularity in recent years due to the high flexibility that can be achieved with wireless networks, since it is possible to reach places where cable is not a viable option.

With Yamamah Wireless systems you can own and control your network. Using Yamamah Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions we can now provide Ethernet and TDM applications to any point. Eliminating the need to pay recurring leased line charges to service providers, now you can significantly reduce operational expenditures.



  • Highly secure communications between buildings.
  • Low deployment cost.
  • Fast deployment.
  • Network redundancy links.

Wireless Network for Traffic Control Solution



Nowadays, it is very important to have and automatic transit control, in order to avoid traffic congestion and help reduce the accidents perpetrated every day by irresponsible drivers who don’t follow the traffic rules. Signalized traffic is a priority issue for every municipality and government and due to the high importance of this topic, new technologies combine to offer more flexible solutions and high reliability.

By installing wireless devices in strategic spots, we can create a high reliable wireless network to help security agents, cops, and any other government security institution so they can view in real time what is happening in most congested streets. Today, many national agencies are relying on wireless technology to take better decisions regarding to traffic control, identifying individuals or suspicious vehicles.



  • Centralized Monitoring for signalized intersections.
  • Remote configuration of traffic controllers in real time.
  • Collection and counting of traffic flow.
  • Help pursuit suspect vehicles.

Public Safety Solution



The International Telecommunication recognized that the lack of public bandwidth was hindering public safety and homeland security. They mandated in 2002 that a new frequency band, the 4.9GHz band or more specifically, 50 MHz in the 4.9GHz band, would be assigned for high-power (up to 2 watts) data/voice equipment that follows certain specifications.

The advantage of this network is that all users and devices attach directly to the wireless backbone and seamlessly integrate with networks inside buildings, police and fire vehicles, fixed and mobile cameras, VoIP phone systems, gunshot detectors, and even UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles).



  • Unmatched quad-band and multi-radio flexibility.
  • Unparalleled network economics and lowest cost per square mile.
  • Leading support for high-speed mobile applications.
  • Feature-rich configuration options.
  • System scalability.
  • Unmatched upgradability for new radio and application functionality.

Wireless Solutions for Education Sector Solution



Educational centers around the world always want to provide their students with the best quality of education available. The Internet and other technologies play a significant role in assisting schools, colleges, universities, and technical schools provide better education. A College campus has a requirement to provide Wireless Internet access to its students and employees inside the classrooms or any other area of the whole campus (cafeteria, library, hall, etc).

Sharing important information over a network to different locations in an educational organization providing students, teachers, and other employees with high-speed connections and internet is an essential feature but can be costly specially if telephony leased lines or cable companies are used. By using Yamamah’s products you will discover the full benefits of embracing Broadband Wireless Technology.



  • Modern and cutting edge education.
  • Improving communication between students and teachers.
  • Improved student learning.
  • Elimination of wired line costs.
  • Elimination of dedicated leased lines from Telecom Companies