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1We think our network management and monitoring software is a more practical choice than any other network management system (NMS) available today. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask around and see what other network engineers have to say. They will tell you that SolarWinds network management tools are easy to evaluate, easy to buy, quick and easy to deploy, and really easy to use.

Power, affordability, and ease-of-use – what more can you ask for? Well, how about free product trials? Download a fully functional, free trial and, in less than an hour, you can start discovering and mapping network devices, monitoring network performance, analyzing network traffic, managing and backing up network configurations, managing your IP space, and more!

As networks have evolved into increasingly complex systems dependent on reliable performance of countless interconnected applications and devices, they have become the lifeblood of business and the conduit by which customers, partners, and employees share data and conduct business.

IT operations teams must ensure users can access network resources to get the information they need anytime of the day or night, because business success — not to mention revenue — depends on continuous operation. Downtime degrades the user experience and risks revenue, thereby causing widespread pain and possibly strategic failures.




Legacy network performance management products were designed for legacy networks, and cannot meet today’s ‘Big Data’ IT demands. They lack the capabilities that today’s dynamic networks demand, such as support for the latest technologies, real-time visibility across the entire IT infrastructure, and scaling to provide a single view over both physical and virtual components.

Yamamah proposed next generation network performance management and monitoring solution is faster, less expensive, and has far more capability than the best leftover legacy product. Solarwind delivers breakthroughs in speed, scalability, and ease of use, collecting and monitoring all of your key performance indicators to give you complete and real-time visibility into your entire IT infrastructure, end-to-end.



Unique Capabilities:

Reduces Cost

Appliance-based technology helps you manage and monitor your network with less effort and with more built-in automation.

Helps Eliminate Downtime at Scale

Supports ‘Big Data’ performance management, and unlike other products, automatically runs baselines across every single data point collected, thus helping you maintain SLAs and deliver continuous operation.

Proactively Monitors Network Performance

Ensures the infrastructure meets service level agreements, and notifies you of anomalies in advance of end user impact.

Provides World’s Most Scalable Solution

Solarwind easily grows with your IT, without any scaling issues. Hundreds of customers have deployed Solarwind, monitoring millions of elements, and running baselines in the trillions per month.

Complete, Real-Time and End-to-End Visibility

Enables total visualization instantly across the entire IT infrastructure, regardless of how big, at any time. The ability to bring in any time based data, and compare against IT performance data, helps you better see the impact of IT on your business.

4Mobile Alerts of Critical Events

The Solarwind mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices, allows you to manage alerts about the health of your IT infrastructure from wherever you may be.

Simplify detection, diagnosis, & resolution of network issues before outages occur.


Availability & Performance Monitoring

Monitor indicators like bandwidth use, packet loss, latency, errors, & QOS from SNMP enabled devices.


Intelligent Network Alerting

Configure network alerts to respond to hundreds of scenarios, including multiple condition checks.


Automated Device Discovery

Schedule network scans to identify new network devices to ensure complete network monitoring.


Multi-Vendor Device Support

Supports heterogeneous networks with built-in device support for devices from leading hardware vendors.


Network Device Mapping

Drag & drop devices to custom maps and view connections between devices and their statuses.


Integrated Wireless Polling

Supports monitoring of wireless thin & autonomous access points alongside wired devices.

11100+ Customizable Report Templates

Create & automate network reports using out-of-the-box and community generated templates.


Centralized Message Center

Streamline troubleshooting by showing alerts, syslog data, events, traps, and other messages in one place.


Dynamic Service Groups

View network performance & service level status by location, business center, or any other grouping.


Custom MIB Poller

Create a custom MIB poller to monitor virtually any statistic on SNMP-enabled devices.



  • Powerful and affordable fault and performance management that scales with rapid network growth and expands with network monitoring needs.


Top Features

  • Comprehensive Network Performance Monitoring
  • Intuitive Point-and-Click Interface
  • Do-It-Yourself Deployment
  • Advanced Alert Engine
  • Expandable Modules for
  • NetFlow, IP SLA, Apps & Servers, and IP Address Management
  • Community Powered

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