1Information is key to an enterprise’s competitiveness. As network and communication technologies develop at an ever increasing rate, data centers (DCs) have become the core of the information an enterprise needs to do business. A well-designed data center will improve efficiency and development of enterprises.


The DC of an enterprise is the important as it hosts key service systems, and is a center where the key data of the enterprise is managed. It controls user access, filters packets for security, processes service applications, computes information, and stores data for backup.


A DC consists of the following components:

  • Equipment room
  • Power supply system
  • Network devices including devices on the data network, computing network, and storage network
  • Servers including operating systems and application software
  • Storage devices
  • Security system
  • Operation, administration, and maintenance (OAM) system




For enterprises, the trend is to integrate services and data in multiple DCs. This requires the enterprise network to have high level of performance and reliability.


The Yamamah DC network solution provides a high performance, secure, and reliable network, which allows the DC to transmit high-quality services.


By transitioning into Cisco’s Advanced Technology solutions, such as DCN, partners can increase application performance, control, and security while simplifying your customer’s infrastructure with Cisco innovations in data center solutions. Take full advantage of new and enhanced products to help lower your total cost of ownership and improve IT flexibility.




Benefits of DCN:

  • Single Architecture
  • Predictable
  • Deterministic
  • Highly Available
  • Service Ready